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Quality Policy Statement

Novo Contractors Int’l Limited specializes in general contracting and maintenance contracting; management expertise which includes project management services. The objective of the management of Novo Contractors Int’l is to provide services in a manner, which conforms to the contractual and regulatory requirements, using qualified, trained and experienced personnel.

In order to achieve our objective it is the policy of Novo Contractors Int’l to establish and maintain an effective quality system, planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions. The quality system complies with international standards. The assessment of conformity of work to contract and regulatory requirements is made on the basis of objective evidence of quality.

Novo Contractors Int’l personnel are under instruction to implement and work, within their area of responsibility, in accordance with the instructions laid down in this quality manual.

This document describes how the quality system of Novo Contractors Int’l is designed to ensure that all requirements relating to quality are recognized and that a consistent and uniform control of these requirements is adequately maintained to ensure that effective control is established.

This statement documents the personal commitment of the Board of Directors of Novo Contractors Int’l to the objectives of this Quality System.

January, 2014.