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Our Services

Some of these contracting services include:

  • New Building Construction and Renovations
  • Mass Housing and Estate Development
  • Road and Bridge Construction
  • Maintenance Contracting
    • Renovations and Churn Work
    • Systems Furniture Installations
    • Work Place Solutions
    • General Supplies
  • Contract Management
    • Activity Reporting
    • Operational Reviews
    • Invoicing process

What we offer

Novo Contractors Int’l offers more to their clients than the typical construction company. We provide the added benefit of having in-house engineering and facility maintenance services, completing the pre and post construction services often required by owner’s, but not offered by the majority of the construction industry. With the in-house engineering services, NCI will ensure that the clients’ construction money are effectively spent, while the facility management services ensures that NCI provides a smooth transition from a construction project to an operating facility. Unlike most general contractors, NCI can be there long after the initial construction of your facility to provide service for your ongoing maintenance needs.

Novo Contractors Int’l provides our clients with a dynamic team experienced in a wide range of construction.